Guided Trips

The trips we offer

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Full Day

Float, Wade, or Pond


1 or 2 People
8 Hour Minimum
Morning, Evening, and Midday Options
Lunch, Snack, Beverage and Water

Half Day

Wade or Pond


1 or 2 People
4 Hours
Morning or Evening Options
Snack, Beverage and Water


Everything you need to know about our guided trips

What do I need to bring

(Let Me Know What You Don’t Have)

All Trips

  • Polarized Sunglasses*
  • Hat (baseball or other)*
  • Rain Jacket
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Water Bottle**
  • Optional
    • Beer or Wine
    • Favorite Beverage***
    • Favorite Snack(s)***
    • Camera
    • Fingerless Gloves
      • Fleece (spring and fall)
      • Sun (summer)
    • Sun Block
    • Bug Spray
    • Change of clothes (just in case)

* Safety Issue

** Bulk water will be provided, but I prefer not to generate any more trash than we have to.     

*** I’ll have beverages and snacks, but it never hurts to have what you like most.

What I will provide

All Trips

  • Water
  • Beverages
  • Snacks
  • Flies*
  • Tippet
  • Split Shot & Indicators
  • Leaders**

Full-Day Trips

  • Lunch (Sandwich, Chips, Fruit)

Half-Day Trips

  • Snack, Beverage & Water

* Please bring some of your favorite flies (when the chips are down It’s a confidence builder.)

** Please bring some leaders if you have them (The closest fly shop is now 2 hours away.)