Written by NFC National Vice Chair Bob Mallard. While admittedly a “where-to” not “conservation” book, it has a strong conservation message, including chapters on Maine’s rare Arctic charr, Atlantic salmon (under the Merrimack River), and Maine’s unique pond-dwelling brook trout. There are also a number of chapters associated with wild native trout waters such as Maine’s Kennebago, Magalloway, and Rapid Rivers

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Done as a collaboration with forty-three other fly fishing personalities, this book covers the finest fisheries in New England, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.  Trout, salmon, bass, and pike.  Brookies, browns, rainbows, Arctic charr, steelhead, Atlantic salmon, smallmouth bass, and northern pike.  Bob Mallard chose the waters, picked the contributors, edited the guest chapters, and wrote the frontmatter and nine chapters as well.  8×11″, full color, stop grade maps, and business listings.

“I received my copy of ’50 Places…’ today and I can confirm, as I’m sure hundreds of others have done already, that it is a masterpiece. Thanks so much for your compilation and insight.” –Website Buyer

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